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Special Permits/ Licenses or Taxes 

Rental Rates

$400 -  7 PM -11 PM      Monday - Thursday   

$500 - 7 PM - 12 PM      Friday - Sunday

Special quotes available for all day or all weekend events.

Rental Deposit (50%) of the total projected cost paid by check or cash at the time of signing the contract in order to hold the requested date.

  1. The facility rental deposit is NON REFUNDABLE after three (3) business days.
  2. The deposit is applied towards the total facility rental and will be held by The Lumberyard for rebooking within one year should client cancel after the third business day.
  3. If the event is not rescheduled within one year, all monies are forfeited by client.
  4. If the Lumberyard cancels due to severe and/or inclement weather or due to conditions beyond its control, the facility rental deposit will be returned or an suitable alternative date rescheduled.
  5. Facilities ARE NOT reserved until the deposit is received.
  6. The Lumberyard must receive 30 days prior to your event, the remaining ½ (50%) payment of the facility rental fee.

Cancellation Policy - The majority of our facilities are open air, with the main lumberyard plaza uncovered.  Therefore, The Lumberyard reserves the right to cancel all activities due too inclement weather or conditions beyond its control.  

  1. If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather or conditions beyond the control of The Lumberyard, we will make every effort to reschedule your event within one year.
  2. If the event is not scheduled within one year, all monies are forfeited by client.
  3. Should a client cancel after 3 business days from contract signing and receipt of deposit(s), and not reschedule within one year from date of original booking, the client forfeits any money(ies) paid to The Lumberyard.
  4. Weather that can physically threaten the well-being of the event goers can result in postponement or cancellation of your event. 
  5. Cold weather is not considered threatening. Dress appropriately to enjoy your party.

Special Permits/ Licenses or Taxes - The Lumberyard will assist clients in obtaining permits but in all cases, for all events, 100% of the responsibility and associated liability will fall upon the host or promoter of the event.   

  1. As required by law, all sales from public events are taxable. 
  2. Food service is subject to review by the Madison County Health Department. 
  3. Fireworks, sale of alcohol etc., requires special permits and licenses from both city and/or state agencies.

Vendors - All vendors must contact Park Place Plaza at least one week in advance of their scheduled event for instructions about delivery, setup and cleanup. Small Food Cart vendors are permitted as well as Smokers.

  1. Please advise performers they must contact The Lumberyard for instructions on entering the premises and/or any buildings for electrical and staging requirements prior to the event.
  2. The client agrees to maintain all performances at a volume that meets with city requirements and regulations.
  3. The client agrees to regulate all performances to maintain the value and character of the Lumberyard in promoting the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the City.

Catering Currently The Lumberyard has no permanent on-site food or bar service or associated kitchen, heating, cooling facilities. 

Insurance - Should the client book additional vendors for catering, games, activities, music, etc., these vendors must provide a certificate of insurance and a copy of their business license one-month prior to scheduled event.

Risks - The client assumes all risk and agrees to hold The Lumberyard at Park Place Plaza, its officers and all employees harmless from any claim, damages, injury or loss due to the client’s and their guest’s participation in the scheduled event, including set-up or clean-up. Clients agree to unconditionally indemnify and hold harmless The Lumberyard , its shareholders, directors, employees, principals and agents from any liability incurred and/or claims made by any acts, directly or indirectly, of client, its guests, agents, caterer or other third-parties, related in anyway to the rental of The Lumberyard .

Set Up - 10 AM for Booth's Alley, Main Stage, Greenroom and Gallery Garages.  Main lumberyard and Veranda set-up cannot begin before 5 PM. 

Clean Up - A clean-up schedule and fee is assessed for each party based upon the particulars provided by the Client. 

  1. The assed clean-up fee is added and collected with the balance of payment and adjusted upon completion based upon client participation etc. 

  2. Any credit is returned along with the damage deposit.

  3. Items not belonging to The Lumberyard must be removed the same day as the scheduled event.

  4. The Lumberyard is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property belonging to the client, their guests or vendors.

Security Damage Deposit - A security/damage deposit is required for the rental of the Lumberyard facility.

  1. Deposit amounts vary up to $1000 and are only quoted once we have been provided all the relevant particulars of the event. (ie. size of crowd, invitations vs. general ticketing, open bar, etc.)
  2. Security damage deposits must be paid by a separate check seven (7) days prior to the scheduled event.
  3. This damage deposit will be refunded within ten days after the event if The Lumberyard has not incurred property or equipment damage and the client and their guest’s follows the facility rental policies.
  4. Should damage or missing items be determined, the repair costs will be deducted from this deposit and the remaining balance, if any, refunded.
  5. If the cost to repair is greater than the security damage deposit, the client shall be responsible for the remaining balance.
  6. Any damages to furniture, fixtures, walls, floors, ceilings, doors, mirrors, tabletops or other property of The Lumberyard shall be the sole-responsibility of the client.

Payment Schedule

Ž      Payment #1 - (50%)   One-Half of the total projected cost paid at the time of signing the contract in order to hold the requested date.  (Non-refundable)

Ž      Payment #2 - (50%)   Balance of the total projected cost paid 30 days prior to the event. (Non-refundable)

Ž      Payment #3 - (100%) Payment of the Security/Damage Deposit paid 7 days prior to the event. (Refundable up to 10 days after Event)

Ž      Payment #4 - (100%) Payment of the variable Clean up Fee before commencing event set-up. (adjustable)

Ž      Payment #5 - (100%) Payment of any personnel security fees at the end of shift duty.

 Late Payment - All events must be paid according to the payment schedule above, unless prior arrangements have been made. Clients making prior arrangements to delay payment and if the payment is not received within that time frame, the client will be charged interest at a rate of 20% daily on the outstanding balance until final payment is received. 

Security - For any public event the Lumberyard requires licensed security personnel to be present. 

1.       The hours and number of personnel required is subject to review by the Huntsville City Police.

2.       Security fees will be charged at the going rate for licensed security personnel and are generally due to each officer at the end of their duty shift.


Event Conduct - The client shall be responsible for the action and property of its guests and vendors at all times. 

  1. To protect the property, Park Place Plaza reserves the right to ask the client and/or their guests to vacate the premises immediately should the conduct of the client and/or guests threaten the property or staff.
  2. The client is to inform their guests that they are to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the event.
  3. The client shall be responsible for all actions and inaction’s of its guests, agents, caterers, or any third-party present at The Lumberyard .

Refusal of ServiceThe Lumberyard reserves the right to refuse service at its discretion.  

  1. Should one or more individuals on the premises prove to be a distraction or a threat to other guests or staff, The Lumberyard reserves the right to have them removed from the premises.
  2. Any charges and/or payments due or deposits received for services provided and/or to be provided to such removed individuals will NOT be waived.
  3. Profanity may also be reason for removal.

Restrictions - The client and their guests will be restricted to the designated area(s) of the facility that have been reserved for your function. The client should note that areas not reserved may continue to have tenant activities in progress.  

Smoking - Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. 

 Alcohol - Alcoholic beverages are permitted in accordance with city and state laws.  

  1. Intoxication is not condoned.
  2. Any person appearing to be beyond normal or legal limits will be:

a.       Asked to stop drinking alcoholic beverages

b.       Reported to the event host to immediately be escorted from the premises with a sober responsible party

c.       Reported to security or City Police for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Parking - Parking will be allowed in designated areas only.  Park Place Plaza assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to vehicles or loss of personal property.   

Animals To have pets at your event does require advance notification and permission. (With the city dog park as our neighbor, we are definitely a dog friendly venue following their same rules. )  

Decorations - What's a party without decorations, so we're not just used to it, we encourage it.  We have lots of places and lots of ways to do it.  We have ladders, hooks, cables, rails, windows, gates, flagpoles...we do have a few requirements though. 

  1. What goes up - must come down without taking something with it or leaving holes etc. in roofs and other special places J
  2. What is up can't be that high without help.  Insurance requires a Park Place employee to hang the high stuff.  h
  3. It must never go up in flames.  All decorations placed near lights or within reach must by fire retardant, UL listed Etc. M
  4. Signs or larger decorations:
    1. Signs must be presented and placed with advance permission. 
    2. No decorations or sinage is allowed on historic building fronts. 
  5. Sheds are 100% off limits for any activity including any decorations or signs without express advance permission.

Special Lighting – Additional lighting must be approved/requested by The Lumberyard 7 days in advance.     

Fireworks – Professionally licensed fireworks have been launched from the dog/skate park parking lot and are easily viewable by the Lumberyard  guests.  More information is available upon request.

Photography – As a Plaza tenant, Allison Jansen Photography offers discounts for photography work in the Lumberyard.  Visit for more info.

Multimedia DisplaysThe Lumberyard can assist you is setting up large screens for multimedia displays, stage projection screens cable TV feeds etc.  More information is available upon request.

Advertising – The Lumberyard will cooperate fully in advance promotion of scheduled events, including:

1.        The Lumberyard web page will make links available before and after the event.

2.        The plaza marquee in the front of Park Place Plaza is available for advertising or special messages related to your event on the “day of” or weeks in advance. Advance time allotted varies according to other event and plaza tenant activities.   “Day of” is always available, the labor fee involved is $10 per line / four lines per side.

Restrooms - Current facilities are restricted to one unisex handicapped accessible flush toilet. 

1.        There are two toilets available in the main stage green room.  These facilities are only accessible by crossing the stage and are therefore normally used by only the entertainers and event associated VIP's. 

2.        Additional portable toilets are available and required based upon event particulars.

Main Stage - Current facilities provide

1.        A general announcment public address system

2.       A stereo CD Cartridge


Furniture - Current facilities provide

1.        Various chairs, stools, tables, bars, counters, couches

Heaters - Current facilities provide

1.    Several Portable Propane Heaters are available for bottle fees

2.    Open Fire Pits are not allowed


Mi  Miscellaneous  -  

Thank you for your interest in A.M. Booth's Lumberyard.  Our facility can be partitioned for smaller events or encompass the entire 1/2 acre courtyard. 

We would be happy to help you in putting together any or all elements in creating a successful event.  Parties we've hosted in our short term have been well received by all participants and we would be delighted to provide you with references.

Please call me at 256-651-3417 or write with the details of your event. 

Thank you,

Doug & Joy Smith